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Our wagging tail

Berkhamsted based family Dave, Olivia and Bertie (chief woof) set up Schnoodles Doggy Daycare back in 2014.

“We wanted to open up a totally different doggy daycare that wasn’t just focused on looking after the doggies (which is a massive part) but also focusing on looking after the wellbeing of the pups”

After Olivia left her job as a Receptionist to chase her dreams in the Autumn of that year, Dave was working in the health and fitness industry and quickly followed suit to put their love of dogs and knowledge to the test – by starting their very own doggy daycare.

Today, Schnoodles stands out from the crowd by offering a unique pick up and drop off service in their snazzy electric vans, also known as the ‘Schnoodles school bus’. They have a great run around in the heart of Buckinghamshire, in their 6-acre secure field.

Olivia & Dave spend most of the day playing and having fun with the doggies and always make sure there is time for indoor snuggys in the warm and cosy Schnoodles barn.

“We truly believe daycare has a massive positive impact on the doggies long term mental and physical wellbeing, by giving them better socialisation skills and plenty of exercise, they always return home happy and worn out!”

Meet the Schnoodles team

Dave Kemp

Director of Schnoodles Doggy Daycare, the main man to ask about all things nutrition & wellbeing. Since launching ‘Schnoodles’ back in January 2015, Dave has taken a keen interest into the science behind the best food for our pups, as well as alternative remedies and prefers to take a holistic approach when offering advice to customers.

Dave is also a great dog fusser and a particularly great climbing frame which the pups especially like to take advantage of, as well as taking a bite of his beard once in a while!

Olivia Robinson

Also a Director of Schnoodles Doggy Daycare, Olivia is an extreme ‘pooch person’ preferring dogs to humans.

You will find her anywhere in the daycare with a trail of dogs beside her.

From the day Olivia could walk, her best and most loyalist of friends have always been her dogs, including 16 year old Labrador Cross, Ruby and of course, four year old Schnoodle, Bertie.

Wendy Kemp

Last but certainly not least is Dave’s mum, Wendy. Wendy has helped out at Schnoodles Doggy Daycare since day one, in recent months she has been helping out a lot more often as an extra pair of hands to fuss the gorgeous doggies.

Wendy may also step in occasionally as one of the Schnoodles bus drivers, needless to say, the dogs love and know her as part of the Schnoodles furniture!